I help you push through discomfort and turn struggles into triumphs

What I do?

Coaching individuals and teams to see their full potential even when things are overwhelming is where I excel. Helping people live full authentic and unapologetic lives is my jam. I create a fun, transparent, open environment where clients learn how to turn failures into successes, negative results into positive, and find the courage to try new approaches.

Change is a constant in life. Life and business are full of ups and down; setbacks and triumphs. Resiliency isn’t only about getting through when times are tough. It’s a skill that helps you tackle problems and thrive with change rather than avoid it. I help individuals and teams thrive with change and failure by cultivating resiliency skills that continue to grow even when our work is finished.


I’m a big fan of post-it notes so whether it’s working on a keynote, in a team workshop or with exercises with clients, I can guarantee you that post-it notes will be used.

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What do I offer?

I help you explore what resiliency and thriving with change mean for you, why it’s important and how it can better support you or your team’s growth.

We work on pushing through discomfort to come up with creative solutions to the problems you face. We look at failures as keys to success.

Who is this for?

Individuals that:

Are overwhelmed or stuck and not sure what to do next

Have a dream or goal but something is holding you back

Apologize constantly

Say yes to everything and don’t know how say no or get it all done

Struggle with the changes life or work throw at you

Teams & Companies that:

Constantly putting in quick short-term fixes and not being able to creatively address long-term problems

Tend to place blame rather than
accountability when things go wrong

Afraid to fail or experiment

Not connecting with employees

Teams have low energy or burnout

Struggle when changes happen


What do you get?

Setbacks and problems face us daily in both life and work. Why do some people “roll with the punches” and others struggle? What would it be like if you could embrace the change as it happened?

True growth doesn’t come from doing the same thing over and over. Growth comes from change. You’ll go on a journey of discovery and when finished have identified the resiliency skills you will use daily and rather than avoid change be energized by the changes you face. After working with me you or your team will:

  • Feel less overwhelmed
  • Ability to say no, ask for help and stop apologizing

Why is resiliency important and what can you expect from our sessions?


Sara is remarkable. She not only helped me with her expertise in marketing but even more importantly, helped me with my mindset. She listened and recognized what I needed to do in my business and for myself personally. I instantly instituted EVERYTHING she told me and got immediate results! I HIGHLY recommend her!

– Lori Barnum, CEO – Go Empathy

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