It’s no secret I’m a girl who believes in fairy tales and magic.  As I get back into the dating world, I’m reminded that this process isn’t an easy one and often it’s a lot of first dates, awkward conversations and no thanks.   In other words, you have to kiss a lot of frogs.

Let me set the record straight, just because I say I’m a girl that believes in fairy tales, doesn’t mean I I believe life is a fairy tale.  What I mean is that I believe fairy tales teach us lessons and give us hope.  Fairy tales make me smile.   I do not believe that someday the frog will become a prince or that I want to have my pumpkin turn into a carriage.

I have been blessed that a few of the frogs I’ve kissed turned out to be really good guys.  Because of this I know how having the right partner can enhance your life.  On the flip side the other thing I’ve learned from kissing a lot of frogs is that I’m fine on my own.  I will survive (yes, I know I’m mixing my metaphors – fairy tales and Gloria Gaynor).  I know that if I don’t find someone going through this process doesn’t mean all is lost. I hope I do find someone but I’ll be just fine if I don’t.

I go into this process with an open mind.  After all if you are going to kiss frogs you have to be open minded.  Knowing who I am and knowing that I am good no matter the outcome.  Knowing that I’ll keep kissing frogs but the frog won’t bring me happily ever after because I make my happily ever after and I already have it.

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