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In my corporate roles, I’ve had to plan speaking events and training programs. I understand the challenge of coordinating and creating meaningful events for your audience and I will add value to your program and for your participants. I want your event to be memorable and successful. Thank you for considering me for your event and I look forward to talking with you

Speaking Topics

Learning to Fail Forward

Failure is inevitable. The key to “successful failure” is a skill we all have: resilience. In this motivational talk, I share the stories of the key failures in my life, starting with the day I died, and what I’ve learned and how you can use these same skills to improve resiliency, push through discomfort and turn struggles into triumphs.

Thriving with Change

Setbacks and problems face us daily in both life and work. Why do some people “roll with the punches” and others struggle? In this engaging talk, I’ll share stories of the major changes in my life, starting with the day I died, and how I learned to embrace change as it happened. Highlighting ways the audience can shift from struggling with change to being energized when facing change.

How Dying Made Me an Advocate for Customer Experience

As consumers we know that businesses often fall short when providing customers with the support and experiences they expect. In this motivational talk, I share the story of how I died and the foundational principles about serving customers I learned from that experience and used throughout my career to help connect customers to brands for life.

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What You Can Expect

A Great Planning Experience

My job is to serve you and your audience. I know you have a lot of details to juggle and coordinate. My goal is to understand your needs and expectations and exceed them

Timely Communication

With all the logistics you are juggling, the last thing you need is to have to continually follow-up with presenters. My goal is to make it easy for you and your team. Communicating with your team is a top priority. You will get responses and replies to your requests before, during and after your event.

Professional and Dynamic Presentation

I’ve had the opportunity to speak to audiences large and small. ​I’ll take your audience on a dynamic journey sharing stories that inspire, motivate and keep your audience engaged. They will leave with productive tips they can use immediately following the session.


Stepping us through the process of the changes you went through was inspirational. Change is never easy, and I learned a couple of more tips on how to adjust and react more positively to it.

– Data Team Meeting Attendee


“Amazing! Wow. Powerful in any industry. Your story grabs people’s attention. Thank you.”

– Right Management Network Event (Keynote) Event Attendee

Stay Tuned!

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